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Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Author, Life COACH and Psalmist

 Dr. Bebee Watson

Inspires The Masses While Embracing Her Journey





"Can A Sister Talk To You" is based on a book written by Bebee Watson. Life has allowed Bebee to walk out many challenging situations in the area of family, friends, health and employment. Through her rough times and rejoicing times, God impressed upon her to "share her story freely." she meets you right where you are with topics such as "Turn It Around," "Take A Chance," or "What's Your Excuse?" to name a few, fans and readers are raving for more. she is also co-Author of the book, victim no more. she is in the process of releasing books entitle" The Voice Inside Your Head" and "CAST 10- Step Walk it Out Program, ", along with relationship books as well. she has traveled the globe doing many seminars and conferences to equip women, Men and children for a better tomorrow.


The goal of "Can A Sister Talk To You" is to reach the hearts of  men and women, of every nationality. To equip them with tools to restore and help bring healing. 


Dr. Bebee is a Pastor, leadership training, Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Educator, life coach, Author and psalmist. Hosting the Can A Sister Talk To You show is only a mere glimpse into what she has been called her to do for this generation. With several years of leadership under her belt and hosting conferences across the map, she has mastered the art of "Talking To You!"  She recently released her EP, Eventualities, with the theme song, "Wake Up Women". She has also recently launched her Radio Talk Show, "Can A Sister Talk To You"  in various markets. Her upcoming books include, CAN A SISTER TALK TO YOU 10- STEP WAlK IT OUT PROGRAM, CAST 10-STEP LEADERSHIP GUIDE, 21-DAYS THE LOVE LANGUAGE OF INTIMACY (JUST FOR HER) 21-DAYS THE LOVE LANGUAGE OF INTIMACY (JUST FOR hiM).


Dr. Watson holds degrees in Theology & Religion, Education, Counseling, life coaching, Management and a Ministerial degree. 


Each day is a new opportunity for her to use her  gifts combined with her unique style to reach audiences of all backgrounds, as she is most comfortable amongst the real people.


For more information on Dr. Bebee Watson, visit





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