You know who you are and how my life has changed since you came along. Your words are few yet you say so much. I feel the warmth and genuineness from your heart that touches the very central part of my soul. Everything about you is teaching me to love myself. It feels good to know that I no longer have to hide behind the blame, faults and doubts I once felt. My heartbeat is beating at a speed that I can freely breathe because it’s being restored by your true love. You know who you are. I’m so glad I decided to trust you and take this walk by Faith. My heart is happy, my soul is rejoicing and this miraculous love is truly wonderful. You Know Who You Are…


Bebee Watson

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I Wanna Love You More...


Within You...



I’ve learned it’s necessary to grow in life. Staying the same will keep you from what lies ahead of you. If it’s love, begin by loving you first. If it’s the past, it can’t harm you. If it’s rejection, have faith in yourself. If it’s your destiny, your steps have already been laid out. If it’s people, they will always have an opinion of you. If its life, learn from it and don’t repeat it. Having the power to change starts within you….. We are made to carry out nothing without God….Let him complete YOU…

Things don't change you, you change things, by what you do, what you say, what you accept and what you believe........ Your words, your power and your choice to what YOU will allow to change you....... It's the excellent things, right things, positive things and great things above all God Things...


Bebee Watson
Here I Am - Bebee Watson
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